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“The best things in life are never rationed.  Friendship, loyalty, and love do not require coupons.”  George Hewitt

Loyalty is defined as “being faithful to obligations or people” and faithfulness as “steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant.”  What important qualities for all of us to have!

I have thought a lot about loyalty lately.  In my estimation, loyalty is too rare in our culture.  It seems that many people are out for the best situation for them.  Little thought is given to relationship or to seeds that another has sown into us or into our children.

My family is a lover of all manner of sports.  It is a rare occasion that you would find us on a weekend with no game to attend.   We can learn so much from competition.  We learn teamwork, persistence, hard work, and endurance.  We have been blessed to have had many coaches over the years who have invested so much into our kids.  Not just physical skill, but life skill.  But something I have observed too many times is disloyalty and a lack of respect and appreciation.  When a team goes through a losing streak (and they all do) or when a child goes through a difficult time, too often parents want to blame the coach and find another team.  This decision gives little or no thought to all the time, energy and emotion that coach has poured into their child.  Loyalty is fighting through the hard times for the good of the relationship.

My little sister is so dear to me.  One of the qualities she possesses that I most admire is loyalty.  She may very well be the most loyal person I know.  She is thoughtful on the front end of relationships.  She does not give herself fully until she can evaluate a person’s character and determine if they are trustworthy.  But once she commits, she is all in and she will be loyal till the end.  You can trust my sister.

When we are teaching our children about loyalty, there are several things to consider.

  • Be wise in your choice of friends and relationship. It is unwise for our kids to jump in with both feet to new relationships.  That’s a good way to get a child’s heart broken.  The Lord tells us to love, but to love wisely.  Not all people can be trusted with our hearts.
  • All relationships are difficult and they take work. What do we teach our families when we do not show loyalty?  When at the first sight of a difficult situation, we bail and move on to the next best team or friendship?  We tell them that when the going gets tough we cash in our chips and run!  Definitely not something that we want them to carry with them throughout life!  Can you imagine where we would be if we had bailed on our marriage the first time things got rough?  Wow, what a thought!
  • Loyalty means that I will assume the best about my friend. If I hear something about them that is surprising and doesn’t seem consistent with their character, I will assume the best and go to my friend to find out more.  Loyalty means not being a sellout.

Loyalty is treating people the way you would want to be treated.  Loyalty means that your friends can trust that you are going to be faithful in your relationship.  Steady.  Certainly a way I hope to be characterized and I know you feel the same way.

Let’s raise a generation of young people who are loyal and faithful to their country, family, friends and faith. A generation like that could change the world!

My love,


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