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Posted on January 11, 2020 in General

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The definition of feminism is –the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Such an interesting debate in our society, even in Christian circles. As I considered it some over the holidays and my perspective of gender equality is highlighted in the twinkle of the Christmas tree.  We are all equal in value, ability and purpose in the sight of the Father. But equal does not mean indistinguishable or alike. Our Father loves diversity. Diversity in appearance, as well as, differences in the genders. But because we have different likes, abilities, joys and strengths certainly doesn’t mean we are not equal or less than.

Some of the things that Brian does as the head of our home and the patriarch of family looks very different from the things I do. Brian gets all of the décor (all 867 boxes) down from the attic.  He makes sure fire wood is easily assessable for the season. One of his favorite traditions is to pour each member of our family a class of egg nog to sip as we light the tree and then we each offer a toast of something we are thankful for. He takes the guys hunting on black Friday complete with dinner cooked over a camp fire. He loves to watch family videos on Christmas morning and lead us in recalling and celebrating the struggles and victories we have all faced. Brian is a man’s man, but he adores his family and the Christmas season.

I, on the other, love Christmas as well but it looks quite different from my perspective. The girls in our family have gone shopping very early on Black Friday for well over 20 years. Not for the deals, but for the time and loads of laughter (and coffee too J). I decorated the entire house before Thanksgiving. Everything including putting up the tree. However, we stopped short of the ornaments. Jake and Madi are only home for a short time over Thanksgiving and we simply couldn’t decorate the tree without them. I plan our parties, Christmas light gazings, and meals months in advance so that we are sure to do the things we love and not be overwhelmed in the midst. Madi and Brian go on a Christmas date each year and Jake and I have mom/son date, usually consisting of a great meal and movie. The nieces come over for PJs, hot chocolate, cookie decorating and crafts…have ever sense they were babies. I love being a wife, a mom and a woman.

Bottom line is…Brian and I together, man and wife, equal in worth, skill and strength, but uniquely different in likes, personality and approach. Together, we provide our family with fullness of life and joy. This Christmas season I celebrated that our Father values each of us both genders and all races…and I am thankful for and bask in our difference. Truly our differences make life beautiful.


Happy New Year!!

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