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Posted on September 4, 2020 in General


This isn’t the first time, by any means, but my emotions have run the gamut on this one. I am disgusted, saddened, speechless, and angry. Let me back up a bit…rarely a day goes by in my profession that I don’t hear from a parent with another story of how social media, peers, movies, music, technology and the culture have violated or harmed their children and families. I spend my life making presentations to teens and their parents on all of the dangers and depravity associated with our current climate.

Where Are Parents?

I received a call from a mom yesterday who was physically ill over the lyrics to a Cardi B song. Her exact words were, “if pornography could be a song, this is it!” I looked up the lyrics and I will tell you I wouldn’t recommend it. It is the most vulgar, degrading and disgusting waste of air I have ever heard. Today, it is also #2 on Billboards Hot 100. There is a dance challenge taking place on TikTok as well featuring an equally disgusting and degrading display of “dance” moves.

Where Are Parents?

I am sure you watch the same news programs as I watch and we are seeing outrage over whether we should wear a mask to stop the spread of Covid 19. I recently read an article claiming that the Christ-like response to Covid may just mean that we should not return to church but only watch online, with which I could not disagree more. Story after story on how the NBA, MLB, and NFL will support BLM and how dare any American stand for the pledge of allegiance or the flag. Yet, filth and flat out evil like this song rise to the top of the charts as our children and teens hear this mess play over and over in their minds. Where are the outrage and protests? Sure, Cardi B has the right to spew this vulgar trash, but are we as parents really going to sit idly by and allow it to be smeared all over our children?

Where Are Parents?

Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram cause so much hurt, depression, bullying, exposure to vile and pornographic material, yet parents, Christian parents, will say “well, I know but you can’t say no to everything.” “If we don’t let them have Snapchat they will be left out of everything.” “Instagram and Tiktok aren’t that bad, and I see all their friends’ posts.” Let’s get this straight, you can’t police it well enough to protect them. If they have TikTok…100% probability they have seen this Cardi B display and believe me, it is a violation. So, allow it if that’s the way you deal with the full-on battle for your children, but don’t say you didn’t know the risk or the concession you are making, because you do.

Where Are Parents?

Distracted. Overwhelmed. Tired. Unaware. Unwilling to stand for value. Unable to stand up against our children.  If there was ever a time to be “woke” it’s now. Wake up to what is happening to our children.

Where Are Parents?

You are the gatekeeper. Protector. Defender. Teacher. Leader. Example. Fight for your children.

Cardi B, I am praying for you. You may think this is freedom of expression, but you are captive to the enemy of your soul who loathes the value that your Heaven Father has placed in you. I see it and I pray you will as well. To the next generation, our children and teens, I see the value the Father has placed in you. You are powerful and full of purpose…magnificent purpose because the enemy has launched an unprecedented attack on you. I will fight for you, always.

“Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you.” – 2 Timothy 1:14

I am praying for you, for us.

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