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Posted on November 3, 2020 in General

Blog- Bad Mom (7) correct version

A few years ago, I was going over in my mind what topic I would blog about that day and settled on the title of … “I’m a Bad Mom”. I was going to talk about how even though we all strive to be the best parent we can be there are days when I am harsh when I should be gentle and gentle when I should be stern. I forget to send the order form or the lunch money or to wake up early enough to curl Madi’s hair for her pictures. I love my work and I am honored and thankful for the ways the Lord allows me to serve; but nonetheless, I sometimes miss awards assemblies and football games. There are days when I feel overwhelmed and most days, ill-equipped. My kids deserve better.

That was one of those days when I felt two steps behind, a day late and a dollar short. After a rushed dinner, my son asked me to read over his homework. His words in response to an English assignment ministered to his mom’s heart. He told a beautiful story of colors and they spoke life, greatness, mercy, love and hope to the heart of this much less-than-perfect mom.  What his story showed me on this evening is that somehow the King of Kings fills in all of our gaps. His greatness, mercy and love allows us to live out the purpose in our own lives. And when I fall short as a mom, when we all do, His glorious Light still finds its way into the hearts of our children.

Jake’s version of “Color Your World”…

“About 2000 years ago, colors gathered together for a little reunion. They went and gathered at the light palace with King Light himself. All the princes came to the gathering too, Blue, Green, Red, and Purple. They were all talking with King Light about what they had done that year and what they wanted to become. King Light started saying all he wanted to do with his life is to spot light others and show the goodness in people. Red spoke up next. He said all he wanted to do is show merciful and sacrificial love. Blue said all he wanted to do is spread hope to the world. Purple was the simplest. All he wanted to do is show greatness. After all the goodbyes, the colors went back to their homes. A few weeks later a man started to become more popular. His name was Jesus. The colors started to become interested in Jesus because he could do some pretty amazing things. They decided they wanted to serve this Son of God. One day Jesus went out of the city to be baptized. When Jesus came out of the water, God opened up the heavens, and King Light saw his chance. King Light got to spot light the Son of God himself. All the colors were so excited for King Light. They wanted to do the same.

A few weeks later, Jesus was being followed by many people and needed a place to stand. Blue saw his chance, Jesus got on a boat and went out over the blue lake. Blue did his best to calm the waters and project his voice as best he could. Blue was so excited that he got to serve the King of Kings.

Years later, the people were getting upset with Jesus. They wanted to execute him. The colors were so upset. Jesus didn’t deserve that. As Jesus was being beaten, Red was honored to show himself and serve his purpose for Jesus. The beating continued and the humans put a crown of thorns on him and put a purple robe on him. Red and Purple were honored to be able to serve Jesus during the last hours of his life.  The colors were able to live out their purposes through the life of Jesus and continue to strive to do so to this day.”

My love,

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