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Posted on November 3, 2020 in General

Blog- Mother's Love

Very few things have I seen in my lifetime more intense, more self-less, more overwhelming, more painful, more fulfilling, more frightening, more exhilarating, more true than the love of a mother.  Mothers demonstrate in a tangible way every day that they will willingly scale a mountain, fight a bear, be taxi driver extraordinaire, minor in emergency healthcare, and be a close second to Paula Dean in preparation for the school bake sale. Mothers are passionate about their relationship with their children.

Having and communicating passion is not my weakness. I can get passionate and it can be obnoxious and loud. Every fight is a fight worth fighting in my blonde head. I can with vigor, conviction and volume communicate my opinion on everything from the second amendment, to the sanctity of life right down to where we should have dinner and the best color of lip gloss. Moderation and temperance are possessed by people with wisdom. I am asking the Lord for a larger dose of all three!

When a woman, when this woman, couples the intense love and protective instinct for our children with a passionate spirit…it creates something of a…well, a recipe for explosion (sometimes quite beneficial and sometimes not so much). One thing that I am asking the Lord to continue to teach me and all of us…is to recognize who the enemy is and who he isn’t.

A precious friend of mine, Kim Witcher, once told me, “Brian is not the enemy. He is on your team.” Out of an intense desire to love, protect and nurture my children, on occasion I feel and act like the Lord has called me to be the blocker or buffer going before them and standing between them and their dad.  How ridiculous and arrogant is that? To not realize, that my husband loves them every bit as much as I do and he wants only the very best for them in every situation and circumstance.

Our husbands’ approach and perspective with our children will very rarely be the same as ours. He has an ability to see things from another vantage point and we should recognize that as a blessing. Two perspectives, two hearts, two minds, two sets of wisdom and energy all focused on addressing the same issues in our children. Two is certainly better than one.

Let’s agree that we will not intervene, interrupt or nullify the influence our husbands have on our children. I am in this one with you with both feet. We are a team. We do have an enemy. It will take the two of us and the power of Christ in us to see him defeated.

Prayers for you,

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