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What is a supermom anyway?

My children are growing up so quickly, heck, as many of you know, my oldest son has 4 babies and I am a Gigi! Since the day I married my husband and took the hand of my new son Tanner, who was 5 at the time, the desire of my heart has been to be a good mom.  I look around at many of the mothers around me who are nothing short of extraordinary and … yikes!

My sister is a supermom.  She makes the most amazing snacks for all 3 of her daughters’ classes for every party or holiday.  She bakes and she crafts.  She was a collegiate volleyball player and even coached on the high school and college level.  Now, as a stay home mom, she is the most amazing club volleyball coach you can imagine.  She is the room mom and the birthday party planner extraordinaire.  She is amazing and is truly a supermom.

My mentor, Brenda, is a supermom.  She is Better Homes and Gardens.  She has a beautiful home. She has an immaculate yard.  She is gentle, kind, positive, loving and focused in like a laser beam on her love relationship with Christ.  She has walked the walk of a godly marriage and family.  She is the mother of two wonderful and gifted children and has four grandchildren.   She is lovely…has the most elegant fashion sense and always looks adorable.  She is all things “mother” and I love her dearly.  She is a supermom.

I have always wanted to be a supermom, but…

I am not particularly crafty.  I have been known to glue my hands together with super glue on more than one occasion and literally taken pictures of my friends’ pumpkin arrangements so I could decorate my own porch for fall.

I am not always positive.  I try hard, but I can certainly get overwhelmed.  My children have seen tears roll down my face on many occasions as we race from one thing to the next thing hoping that I remembered to turn the oven off before we ran out the door.

I am too busy.  I have gone to pick the kids up from school and distracted by a phone call, driven off before they actually got in the car…who does that??

I am not a gardener.  I want to be.  I can’t tell you how much time and money I have spent on flowers, seeds and bulbs for my flower beds.  I can study it too…using a measuring tape to place them the precise distance from each other in just the right amount of sun.  You’d be surprised by that if you drove by my house.

I struggle with fashion.  I am not great at fixing hair.  I don’t like animals.  I am an okay cook, but no Martha Stewart.  I like to play all kinds of sports with my kids but they are all better than me, so I can’t offer much advice.  I am not musical and not very sophisticated.

I think being a supermom may never be checked off of my bucket list.

So, this morning, I have decided to just be Tanner, Jake and Madi’s mom.  I am going to focus on the abilities that the Lord gave me as a mom.   I love my kids.  I enjoy siting and talking with them.  I love to journal back and forth.   They grew up with us reading the Bible together in the mornings and I always enjoy watching movies together with popcorn and blankets.  I imagine what the Lord has called them to be and strive to help them see those things in themselves.  I am their biggest fan.  No matter what they are participating in, I want them to look in the crowd and see me.  I am conscientious of making memories and desire that my family would look back on the years that our heads hit the pillow under the same roof and remember that we laughed a lot, we accomplished some good and we loved each other.

I am not a perfect mom, not a supermom, and likely neither are you.  Let’s give ourselves permission to just be the mom that He has equipped us to be… that sounds pretty super to me.

My love,

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