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As we all know, times are changing so quickly.  The information we share regarding technology becomes obsolete before most parents can find it in the app store. Yet, as parents, it is our obligation to know.  I hear parents say all the time…I don’t understand technology…my child knows so much more than I know…that simply isn’t good enough.  We are placing devices in the hands of our children that have the power to alter their lives.  I believe we have 2 options…either educate yourself OR don’t give them the device. 

Don’t let social media and technology be one of those things that you don’t care about until there has been a violation against you or your family. 

I almost laughed out loud because several years ago when I started doing presentations for parents simply because if you don’t operate in a world like mine…how would you know all the slang terminology and the temptations and difficulties facing our teens?  We at Hope Choice focus on those things 8 hours a day and it is still work to keep up. I am amazed at how much and how quickly things have changed…do you remember the “sex bracelets”?  That was one of the things we covered in the original parent talk and now we are talking about BeReal, Snapchat, Instagram, TicToc, and Yik Yak.  Times they are a changin’…correction, have changed. 

But can I just add that I believe every word that the Bible says about our children…they were born for such a time as this and they are more than conquerors…BUT we DO want them to be different and if we want them to be different, we have to parent differently.  We cannot just keep looking to the parents at our right and left to see how they are parenting and then copy that.  Be okay with being different.  Be the influence.  Isn’t it time to put down the phone? 

Shield to Shield,

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