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I would have to agree with some of you that now is my favorite stage with my children.  I know that teen years appear to be daunting and can seem overwhelming.  But believe those of us who are standing on that ground when we tell you that they can be fulfilling and full of reward.  I look forward to texts and phone calls from Jake as he walks around the campus of A&M. He shares funny and stressful moments of his day, and in my mind’s eye I can see him heading to his next class with purpose as is just his way. I can hardly wait for Madi to come home from school with stories of how her day went.  We laugh together.  We share an afternoon snack and reconnect.  I want to know my children’s hearts.  That is what makes each stage the best…to look into their lives and see where they have been and what He is after to accomplish the miraculous in them is like breathing in a deep breath of fresh air.  Now, is the only place to be.

My favorite family tradition is hands down, Sunday evening family dinners.  There are weeks when it is just Brian, Madi and I now.  There are weeks when Tanner, Whitney, and the grands  join in or, quite often, my extended family.  I love to be together as a family.  We will all sit at the table together and laugh and enjoy great food.  Often times, we will spend the evening playing washers or bumping the volleyball in the front yard.  There is nothing like simply enjoying our families.  Life is so busy.  Taking time to slow down, enjoy a glass of tea, have some friendly competition (a staple at the Gibbs home), and close the evening watching the sun set.  It puts life in perspective.  As you look around at your loved ones, you solidify the fact that you are a family and no matter what tomorrow holds, you will face it together.

No family has it all together and many times the simple daily activities are what make life precious.

I would love for you to answer the same questions:

What has been your favorite stage with your kids?

What is your favorite family tradition?

Love to you!

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