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Boys will be Boys?

January 28, 2019 • Ministries, Parenting, Teen Events

  Boys will be Boys? Seventy percent of all D’s and F’s are given to boys. Eight-five percent of stimulant drugs prescribed throughout the world are prescribed to American boys. Boys have fallen behind girls in virtually every area of…

Tree Envy

December 20, 2018 • Community, Parenting, Teen Events

Tree envy. Yep. I have it. Makes me laugh to say it that way. I didn’t actually say it quite like that, my friend Ana did, after I confessed to her that I am feeling slightly embarrassed by my Christmas…

We Will Not be Shaken

December 7, 2018 • Ministries, Parenting, Teen Events

Dear friends and partners, Merry, Merry Christmas to you!  As I write you this beautiful morning, I have a fire in the fireplace, coffee in hand, and you on my heart! I pray that 2018 has been a year of…

Coming to the Rescue

October 26, 2018 • Ministries, Parenting, Teens

Busy families require parents to be organized and often times have a routine.  My routine each day starts with a quiet time.  On a good day, exercise followed by a shower and quickly rounded off with coffee…all before the day…

Color Your World

October 24, 2018 • Community, Parenting, Teens

I was going over in my mind this afternoon what topic I would blog about today and settled on the title of … “I’m a Bad Mom”.   I was going to talk about how even though we all strive to…

Fall, Football and The Walk

August 27, 2018 • Announcements, Community, Pro-Life Events

Fall, football and, you guessed it…the Walk for Life are all in the air! I am praying for you and your families as children and grandchildren head back to school. May the Father show them favor and allow them influence with…

Excited to link arms

August 3, 2018 • Announcements, Speaking, Women's Events

Hey CareNet Family! What a blessing to be a part of this organization! I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself to you. I am Mallory Cockrell, and am thrilled to share that I have come on board as…

He is able

July 24, 2018 • Community, Parenting, Teens

On a daily basis I see good kids raised in intact homes being swallowed up by peer pressures, poor decisions, our society and sin, and their families being literally thrown into a tail-spin.  Often these families wake up and find…

When the student becomes the teacher

June 12, 2018 • Parenting, Speaking, Women's Events

A good friend reminded me of this saying recently, “When the student becomes the teacher…”  How often does that happen in your home?  It sure happens quite often in mine. It has been an extremely busy season for my family. …

True Healing

June 6, 2018 • Parenting, Teen Events, Teens

I recently heard a sermon from Chris Hodges from Church of the Highlands in Alabama and from it gained tremendous revelation. I have heard that verse many times over the years and never fully considered its meaning.  There are some…

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