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Kavanaugh- My Two Cents

October 2, 2018 • Announcements, Community, Parenting

Simply, there is far too much noise in the room. Regardless of the fact that I believe too many people are shouting from one roof top or another far too often, with too much volume, and dare I say with…

Fearless Friday-Tearing Down Strongholds

September 28, 2018 • Announcements, Community, Parenting

We are so excited about our upcoming Lead On retreat! With the onslaught of attacks this culture throws at our college students, they are in desperate need of a weapon! We want to come alongside them to silence the accuser…

Fearless Friday

September 14, 2018 • Announcements, Community, Ministries

    I am so excited to start the weekend off with our very first #FearlessFriday video blog!! Every Friday will cover a different topic to encourage you in your faith, your family and to be fearless in all things. Follow the…

Feasts Retreat- Don’t Miss Him

September 11, 2018 • Announcements, Community, Ministries

Since my childhood, I have always thought it would be so interesting to be Jewish – to understand the customs of the Jewish faith and to learn and understand the meaning and symbolism associated with the Jewish feasts.  I have…

Fall, Football and The Walk

August 27, 2018 • Announcements, Community, Pro-Life Events

Fall, football and, you guessed it…the Walk for Life are all in the air! I am praying for you and your families as children and grandchildren head back to school. May the Father show them favor and allow them influence with…

Excited to link arms

August 3, 2018 • Announcements, Speaking, Women's Events

Hey CareNet Family! What a blessing to be a part of this organization! I wanted to take a quick moment to introduce myself to you. I am Mallory Cockrell, and am thrilled to share that I have come on board as…

Walk Preview

August 24, 2016 • Announcements, Community, Parenting, Pro-Life Events

Well, like I said last week It’s Walk Time!  We are thrilled about this years Walk for Life, in particular, because we are using it as a celebration–come and see what the Lord has done!  We invite you to tour…

In Principio Creavit Deus Caelum Et Terram

June 8, 2013 • Announcements

Sic enim dilexit Deus mundum ut Filium suum unigenitum daret ut omnis qui credit in eum non pereat sed habeat vitam aeternam. In principio creavit Deus caelum et terram. Et cognoscetis veritatem et veritas liberabit vos.

Blog Post With Native WordPress Gallery

May 30, 2013 • Announcements

This post uses the WordPress gallery feature. The gallery will also show up on the Galleries page since this post is not set to exclude it from that area.

Embed Videos From YouTube, Upload Your Own and More

May 30, 2013 • Announcements

You can embed videos in your post or page content. Here is an example from YouTube. Many other popular sites are supported. You can even upload your own video to WordPress. The theme makes the videos responsive so they show nicely on mobile devices.

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