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Please see my post from earlier this week. I want to continue to explore qualities that I believe lead to living out greatness daily.  Here we go:

  • Be willing to apologize when you’re wrong. When you do apologize only an A+ effort will work…nothing less.
  • Show gratitude…It’s just the right thing to do!
  • “As you get older, your crayon box becomes more colorful than just black & white.” I love this and I am not worthy to articulate its message. Read The Last Lecture to get a Pausch understanding of it.
  • Get yourself and your family out of debt. If you cannot pay cash for it you probably don’t need it. Yes, this means cars too. I drive a 1999 Ford 150 with 160,000 miles on it and the reason?  I can’t pay cash for a new pickup. If you haven’t already read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Make Over it’s a must.  The concepts in this book just might save America from financial ruin!
  • No job is beneath you. Get your hands dirty and lead by example. Don’t allow yourself to become a self-impressed elitist!
  • Don’t be a helicopter parent. We need to nurture and advocate for our kids not hover over them throwing them a life line every time they experience difficulties. If you’re the dad that calls or texts the teacher or coach because your Johnny Joe Jr. did not get the grade or the play time they wanted then you are probably a helicopter parent!
  • Love your wife. Your wife’s emotional health is a direct reflection on you. She is your beauty that you will fight for and she needs to know it. She needs to know she is your true love. The whole family unit is dependent on this very powerful relationship!
  • Be the spiritual leader of your home.  This is by far the most important of all of the suggestions. You are the gate keeper. You cannot do this without complete submission to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Satan does not want you or your family to succeed but with the grace of Jesus…you can be GREAT!

Please share any of your day-to-day best practices for greatness. Iron sharpens Iron!

Strength with Honor!


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