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Fear and anxiety have no hold on us, our children, or the next generation. We have a good Father who is always with us, calls us to be different and set apart.  Madi and I recently had the privilege of speaking at Camp Zephyr to pre-teen girls and their moms. What a wonderful idea, to set aside a weekend to focus on our daughters and spend time together focused on our relationship and our relationship with the Lord. I know Madi and I loved every minute of it!

As a momma, I often feel like I am looking out over a war zone and planning our next action. Where do we need to send reinforcements? Which one of my bunch needs more intense prayer support? Who has been wounded? Who needs to be encouraged or come in from the fighting to rest…but there are those moments when we look out over the battlefield and see one of our own advancing…taking the offense and gaining ground. That kind of moment happened for me at Camp Zephyr. I listened as Madi recounted a time in her recent past that she learned how to wield her own Sword (God’s Word) and face down the giants of fear and anxiety. As a parent, there are those moments when we are able to stand back and see a battle won. Amidst all the fighting, darkness, and damage in our culture spiritually speaking, we need to take time to celebrate the wins. I recorded a portion of one of Madi’s talks.

You are raising overcomers. Warriors for the Kingdom and we are truly stronger and better together!!

My love,

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